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I would love to help him out in any way but he is one guy who is very very hard to please. He always wants things done in a certain way and don't like it if he needs to trouble me. To me it's Not trouble at all I mean I am happy and proud to do grocery shopping, clean or even iron his clothes on weekends cos we don't live together.

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But he will insist that I don't do all of that as he feel he is troubling me. I don't know how to make him understand that I love doing it all: He lives apart from me. Often I have to sound him out if he wants me to come over during the weekends. He will say ok I am not sure if I am sensitive but it feels reluctant.

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But he doesn't initiate. Sometime I don't even know if I'm being pushy by asking him. Maybe he wants some time alone. But I do miss being with him.

Dating a doctor who is in his first year of residency?

During the week we just text a little in the day n FaceTime at night n to him it's good enough: OK, well you've picked out a person who puts others before himself. ANd trust me, the patient will come before anything. I suggest you just go ahead and cook for him. Invite him to dinner or show up with it. If he is still balking at your helping with chores, just reassure him that doing things to help him makes you feel closer to him. Also, if he is coming off shift, do give him some time to decompress. Also, I suggest you make sure you always have a plan B, so when dates get canceled at the last minute, you have something to do to interest and entertain you.

Fewer expectations mean fewer disappointments. Thank you so much. I appreciate your advice. I will do as you say. Instead, try setting aside a few minutes at the end of each day to catch up rather than checking your phone constantly.

Five Tips For Dating In Residency

When dating in residency your significant other will, unfortunately, have a much different schedule than you. Rather than fight opposing schedules determine how you want to stay in touch.

A great rule of thumb is the hour rule. You must hear from your significant other every 24 hours.

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Of course, change the guidelines to best fit your relationship. Discuss what would be best for your relationship, and establish a communication rule to help while separated due to work. Long and grueling shifts can put a strain on how you are feeling.

A poor mindset from work can easily come home with you and affect your relationship. Instead, try your best to acknowledge that you had a stressful day.

What It’s Like To Date A Med Student

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