Dating balinese girl

Dating Bali Girls

Just about all Indonesians are strongly religious no matter which religion they are a part of and most will not convert to your religion if it is different. This will require you to first convert, with the two largest religions in Bali being first Hindu and Islam coming in second with all of the immigrants from Java. There is a bit of legal paperwork that needs to be done but the practice of converting, especially for Hindu is something that is mostly handled through ceremonies and prayer.

If you wish to marry your spouse and convert to her religion then the best way to go about is by asking her family what the traditions are and how they will handle it in their village and at their temple as everyone has slightly different beliefs.

Bali girls

I really appreciated the objectivity and tone of the articles. I found them to be very informative and non-threatening, designed not to put anyone off, but rather to give a good overview of the issues someone is likely to face if they decided to spend a reasonable amount of time in Bali. Home Moving to Bali Guide Contact. Blog Consulting More Resources.

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Relationships and Marriage in Bali. Finding your soul mate As a foreigner, both male or female, there are many young locals either from Bali or other islands in Indonesia that would love nothing more than to become your soul mate. Living together While it is frowned upon, even strictly illegal in some parts of Indonesia, an unmarried couple living together is generally accepted in Bali. Getting married If you do manage to find your soul mate in Bali or have found them before coming here and would like to marry them, things can get a bit complicated.

Your religion matters Under Indonesian law, two people getting married should be of the same religion at the time of marriage. Thank you for your comment. For what its worth, I really found your initial blog post very insightful and as a glimpse into the "normal" types of questions, differences and customs I thought it was great! Indonesia is a sprawling mosaic of a thousand cultures and ways of life. There are ethnic groups and we are completely fucking different culturally. Yall know generalization of any sort dangerous.

But bule's stereotypical here in Indonesia are laughable. I'm sorry to say most of bule's woman literally ugly as fuck and they usually came from low social class and uneducated. Seriously man I believe you can get better woman rather than ugly bar hookers. Wednesday, 11 December Five tips for western men wanting to date Indonesian women. It is necessary to understand that a number of Indonesian women do not know how to swim. Although Bali is an island the Balinese people tend to avoid swimming in the ocean. Due to tourist influence the culture is changing.

But before the arrival of tourists the people of Bali would only enter the ocean if it was unavoidable. Also many of the women that come from other places in Indonesia grow up in rural environments.

Dating a Javanese girl in Bali | Bali Blog

They did not have swimming pools and the ocean was too great a distance and impossible for them to reach. A number of these women were also raised in a semi strict Muslim culture where modesty is considered very important. They would not get away with strutting around in a bikini back in their home villages. It is important for men that date Indonesian women to remember this. And it is wise for them to have a go slow approach if they want their lady to join them in the swimming pool or for a dip down the beach.

Travel Bali - A Short Swim In Ubud Bali

With the right sort of encouragement and support an Indonesian lady will enjoy the water. And she will do her best to learn how to swim.

But it may take time and a lot of time frolicking in the shallow end of the pool. Teaching an Indonesian woman the basics of swimming is also a great way to get to know her, and it is certainly a laugh. Just be careful not to let her swim in the deep end alone as I promise you she will sink like a stone if you do. I was sitting with a friend who was new to Bali and to dating Indonesian women. And he was having a real problem because the love of his life would chat to her girlfriends in her own language. He could not understand what was being said. And for whatever reason, this always left him thinking that they were talking about him.

My friend then told me he was thinking of learning the language so he knew what was going on.


Learning the language is a great idea. When my friend told me about his problem, I told him that when he had the opportunity he should eavesdrop on a conversation between two women from his own country. And that he should listen for as long as he was able before he became bored. At the risk of sounding sexist, Indonesian women chat about the same things that western women chat about. They chat about their friends and family, shopping, food, and paying the rent. They pretty much chat about any topic that comes up in a normal conversation between women.

Although the men in their lives are important they are not the be all and end all of their discussions. Put simply, if you could understand what your Indonesian girlfriend was saying to her friend. Then you probably would not be that interested anyway.

Relationships and Marriage in Bali

If you do these things your Indonesian girlfriend she will reward you with everything a relationship with an Indonesian woman has to offer. Indonesian women can be very caring, loving, supporting and fun to be around.

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The rewards of dating an Indonesian woman will far out way the small sacrifices you may be asked to make. If you get the chance watch an Indonesian woman use her phone.